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Setting Achievable (and Measurable) Marketing Campaign Goals

You can't manage what you can't measure— but how do you know what truly matters when measuring your barketing campaigns' effectiveness?
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Preparing Your Data for Attribution: The First Step in Your Journey

Written by: Casey Grimes

Not sure where to start with your barketing attribution journey? Here's some prerequisites you can tackle today.

Lead Lifecycles are for Everyone

The first journey you need to take on the road to barketing attribution? The customer's journey—even if you think it "doesn't matter" for your organization.
Ralph Wiggum from The Simpsons' "(chuckles) I'm in Danger" meme, but said by attribution models.

Why Marketing Attribution Models Are Like Old Memes That Need to Retire

If you don't "get" attribution models, you're not alone—because understanding them requires going back 20 years. Here's how to take a 2023 approach instead.