Marketing Leaders, Tell a Better Story with Data

Your Solution for Revenue Accountability in Marketing

As a marketing leader, you know firsthand how important marketing is for driving your business' revenue. But it's not always easy—there can be so many different factors at play, and trying to understand and account for them all can be overwhelming. It can feel like you're constantly spinning your wheels, trying to connect the dots and find what performance data can accelerate (or hinder) your revenue growth.

It's a challenging position to be in, but with Insentric, you can navigate this terrain confidently and clearly.
Know Your Marketing Strategy's Velocity

Get Ahead of Your Sales Targets with Data-Driven Marketing Planning

Unlock the power of data-driven planning with reports that calculate the length and velocity of your marketing process. To meet Q3 sales targets, you need to know how long it takes on average for marketing to convert a lead into a qualified prospect. Armed with this knowledge, you can craft a finely tuned marketing calendar that ensures you hit your sales goals by Q3—by knowing what campaign targets you need to meet in Q1.

By analyzing this data over time, you can confidently assess whether the velocity you observed in the past still holds true today. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to strategic marketing planning.

Know when to generate leads and when to nurture

Stop Wasting Time and Money on Ineffective Campaigns

Gain unparalleled insights into your lead generation efforts with reports revealing which activities, sources, and channels drive results. It's not just about generating leads—it's about generating qualified leads that convert into sales. You may think a lead generation webinar is a success if it brings in 200 names, but if those leads don't ultimately result in sales, it's time and money wasted.

With Insentric's sophisticated approach, you can calculate the true ROI of each campaign, from closed-won customers to Marketing Qualified Leads. Armed with this data, you can make informed decisions about which lead-gen campaigns to prioritize in Q1 to meet your Q3 goals.

Structured source, channel, and revenue attribution

Buildings don't sign checks. People do. Show their impact.

Marketing directors benefit from Insentric's deep expertise in people-centric revenue attribution. Insentric's structured data and buying team identification powers reports for marketing's best sources to convert to revenue, the channels that best move prospects through the marketing and sales funnel, and what actions impact marketing's revenue contributions.

Avoid Being "That Annoying Marketing Deparmtent"

Make sure your messaging lands on time and on target.

Unlocking the optimal cadence and sequencing of your marketing efforts is crucial. Knowing when you are over- or under-communicating with a prospect, uncovering what behaviors drive your prospects to unsubscribe, and identifying the minimum (and maximum!) touchpoints needed for prospects to convert are all vital to achieving success.

Insentric provides this valuable knowledge, so you can tailor your marketing strategies for maximum impact and drive better conversion rates.

Your Reporting Tool or ours?

Turbocharge your reporting wherever you're reporting.

Data isn't useful until you can get it out of a warehouse, get it properly aligned, and get it connected to other critical business information. That's why Insentric's data works from day one with the option to use visualization tools like Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, and others to help you report where you're already reporting.

Don't have a data visualization tool? No worries! Insentric can get you set up with reporting and dashboards for getting insights out of your marketing data—without needing a data science or BI team.

The Insentric Difference

We're more than just a marketing attribution platform—because leading marketers need more than just a pretty dashboard.


Let humans do what humans are good at—and let Insentric take care of common attribution problems.


See your company’s source, channel and revenue attribution with low operational impact to your team.


Go beyond “marketing credit” to get actionable information on your marketing budget and planning.

Unlock your marketing's potential with Insentric.