Attribution For Marketing Technologists, By Marketing Technologists

By Marketing Technologists. For Marketing Technologists.

Marketing Ops knows firsthand how important tracking and measuring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts is to your organization's success. But with scattered and inconsistent business and technical processes, it can feel like you're drowning with both too much and too little data.

Insentric was built to directly address marketing technologists' needs with attribution—so you and your marketing department are set up for success.
Self-Healing Details on "Dark Traffic"

Get clarity on your prospects' journey to your solutions.

On average, only a small portion (less than 10%) of the traffic to your website will have campaign tracking attached. So, how do you make sense of the other 90% of the traffic you're getting?

Whether it's product research via Google, a LinkedIn Android app reshare, or your PPC agency forgetting to tag your ads, Insentric can handle resolving unexpected traffic—and work backwards to provide proper credit to unconventional channels or broken tracking.

Smarter Source Tracking

Know what traffic drives a lead—and what makes them become a prospect.

The modern B2B buyer's journey often occurs in ways that are less visible than ever. How do you ensure your lead generation activities are actually generating new names when people appear mid-funnel?

Insentric tracks your prospects' behavior before they're fully identified to capture key information: what drove someone to visit your site? How many times did they visit before converting? What ultimately made them become a lead? Get the clarity you need for credit.

Your lead clicks on a PPC ad, looks at your site, then comes back three days later to request a demo? Insentric tracks that. By default.

Streamlined Tracking and measurement

Spend less time on QA and marketing operations gaps.

We know that in the "real world", marketing ops can become the hall monitor—enforcing standards, processes and procedures that ensures your department's success. Scaling up those processes can be overwhelming. Even the most detail-driven technologists can struggle with setting up the tracking and attribution needed at a large scale.

That's why Insentric focuses on streamlining your measurement and tracking processes. With smart, automated setups that track your form conversions and automated tracking appending for your Marketo emails, you can spend less time worrying if your email campaigns are tracked—and more time on making long-term operational impacts.

Your Reporting Tool or ours?

Turbocharge your reporting wherever you're reporting.

Data isn't useful until you can get it out of a warehouse, get it properly aligned, and get it connected to other critical business information. That's why Insentric's data works from day one with the option to use visualization tools like Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, and others to help you report where you're already reporting.

Don't have a data visualization tool? No worries! Insentric can get you set up with reporting and dashboards for getting insights out of your marketing data—without needing a data science or BI team.

Built natively for Adobe Marketo Engage

We bleed Marketo purple.

Insentric has some deep credentials when it comes to Marketo—with three Champions and more than a decade of partnership together. We've seen it all from our hundreds of Marketo clients. Our solution is natively designed to work with Adobe Marketo Engage, taking advantage of your existing workflows and processes.

Our expertise also means we've built Insentric for the real world. Built a lifecycle that uses datestamps instead of Revenue Stages? Use global vs. local forms? Run multiple instances of Marketo? So do our customers, which is why we account for common variations.

The Insentric Difference

We're more than just a marketing attribution platform—because leading marketers need more than just a pretty dashboard.


Let humans do what humans are good at—and let Insentric take care of common attribution problems.


See your company’s source, channel and revenue attribution with low operational impact to your team.


Go beyond “marketing credit” to get actionable information on your marketing budget and planning.

Unlock your marketing's potential with Insentric.