Marketing Directors, Get Attribution and Insights for Success

Wrangle Your Team—and Data—for Marketing Success.

As a marketing director, you understand the significance of attribution and data in guiding marketing decisions and strategy, but organizing and analyzing data from various sources can be overwhelming. Inadequate tools and insights can hinder accurate attribution of your successes and identification of areas for improvement.

Insentric caters to marketing directors striving to achieve their marketing goals and targets while effectively leading and managing their marketing team. Prove your department's impact and gain an advantage in planning and budgeting for better marketing campaigns.
Automation to remove attribution errors

Self-healing marketing tracking? One less headache.

Automate common operations like setting up and recording your sources and channels at scale, self-healing broken tracking data, and adding tracking parameters to emails to accelerate your campaigns' launch velocity—while improving your tracking accuracy.

Insentric's technology automates these processes and credits missed conversions, reducing errors and friction while ensuring accurate measurement of prospects and customers. This streamlining allows your marketing ops team to focus on other essential tasks.

Avoid Being "That Annoying Marketing Deparmtent"

Make sure your messaging lands on time and on target.

Unlocking the optimal cadence and sequencing of your marketing efforts is crucial. Knowing when you are over- or under-communicating with a prospect, uncovering what behaviors drive your prospects to unsubscribe, and identifying the minimum (and maximum!) touchpoints needed for prospects to convert are all vital to achieving success.

Insentric provides this valuable knowledge, so you can tailor your marketing strategies for maximum impact and drive better conversion rates.

Structured source, channel, and revenue attribution

Buildings don't sign checks. People do. Show their impact.

Marketing directors benefit from Insentric's deep expertise in people-centric revenue attribution. Insentric's structured data and buying team identification powers reports for marketing's best sources to convert to revenue, the channels that best move prospects through the marketing and sales funnel, and what actions impact marketing's revenue contributions.

Streamlined Tracking and measurement

We're more than just a pretty dashboard to show off.

Insentric's technology provides answers to questions other attribution and reporting platforms ignore, such as form performance reporting, touchpoints needed to advance a lifecycle stage, unsubscribe analysis, messaging cadence and more.

Our reporting enables you to work backwards and plan for long-term success—so if you know you need 10 closed won deals this quarter, you can figure out how many leads to generate, how many records must MQL, and the efforts you need to achieve those targets.

Lean on 15 years of attribution wisdom

Feel overwhelmed? We've got your back as marketers, too.

We've spent 15 years helping marketing directors like you implement marketing attribution—and we know the pitfalls you're likely to run into during a department's transformation to data-informed insights. That's why we do things differently here at Insentric.

We directly partner with you and your team to achieve success by conducting audits, providing readiness checks, and ensuring you're getting your return-on-investment with Insentric. Feel like your department is behind the curve? Our consulting services can turbocharge your preparation for accurate marketing measurement.

The Insentric Difference

We're more than just a marketing attribution platform—because leading marketers need more than just a pretty dashboard.


Let humans do what humans are good at—and let Insentric take care of common attribution problems.


See your company’s source, channel and revenue attribution with low operational impact to your team.


Go beyond “marketing credit” to get actionable information on your marketing budget and planning.

Unlock your marketing's potential with Insentric.