Insentric™ Revenue Attribution

Accurately measure and confidently prove marketing's impact on B2B revenue.

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What is Insentric™?

DemandLab Insentric™ is a customer-centric revenue attribution solution designed for large enterprises and Fortune 2000 B2B marketers who need to measure and prove their impact on revenue to their team and their C-Suite. Designed for enterprises that use Adobe Marketo Engage and Salesforce Sales Cloud, Insentric works continuously in the background of your existing technologies and workflows to orchestrate end-to-end marketing attribution data.

Why choose Insentric™?

Since 2009, we’ve worked with clients to report on their marketing initiatives. That means we have key insights into where other revenue attribution products fail and have developed Insentric to solve those common problems.

"Insentric's attribution framework helped us build dashboards that showed the impact on revenue of every digital marketing activity. Not only did that prove our value to the organization, it helped us evaluate our marketing channels, campaigns, and vendors more accurately."
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Executive Director, Marketing
IHS Markit

A no headaches approach to attribution

360° Customer Insights

Insentric is customer-centric, collecting marketing and sales data across multiple platforms and touchpoints to create a more holistic view of marketing initiatives.

Effortless Roll-Out

Insentric requires no resource-intensive integrations or staff retraining. Insentric wraps around existing workflows with minimal process changes to support full-funnel customer insight and marketing attribution.

Full-Funnel Visibility

Insentric tracks your best-performing sources and channels, capturing the opportunities and revenue associated with each account.


Capture acquisition data and source of anonymous leads that have not yet been converted.

Custom Field Support

Leverage program member custom fields within both Marketo and Salesforce.

Native Reporting

Existing reporting tools seamlessly integrate because Insentric uses elements already in Marketo and Salesforce.

Self-Healing Data

Insentric can recover partial attribution data based on signals from the web—just in case you need to tag a PPC campaign, Marketo email, or some other asset post-launch.

Connect the Dots

If your sales team forgets to add someone to an opportunity, Insentric can correctly add the right people who influenced the sale to the Salesforce opportunity.

Easy Data Exclusions

Capture just the data you want most by excluding programs or types of person records from your data.

Insentric™ Features

Insentric's flexible revenue attribution solution enables marketers to drill down and analyze customer touchpoints, marketing channels, and financial data.

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With Insentric you'll get:

People-centric attribution methodology

Insentric follows, tracks, and reports on people first rather than companies, enabling you to identify and market to the entire buying team.

Light impact on your organization

Insentric utilizes processes and systems you currently have in place or could implement with ease.

Trustworthy and transparent insights

There's no "black box"—your attribution data is not only accurate but explainable.

Accurate measurement of marketing effectiveness

Insentric enables you to accurately measure and optimize marketing effectiveness while proving your direct impact on sales.

Intelligent buyer insights

Insentric generates actionable insights into buying behaviors.

Business confidence tool

Whether you're planning your budget, deciding what channels work best, or just want to show marketing's impact on revenue, Insentric gives you the clarity to make informed decisions.

"DemandLab's revenue attribution framework has enabled us to attribute our lead sources to sales opportunities and revenue more accurately and with significantly less time and effort."
Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing
AR Funding

Is Insentric™ a good fit for you?

Since 2009 we've been providing B2B marketers with strategic insights, deep expertise, and best practices to drive revenue and growth. If you’re ready to realize attribution success, reach out today.