Revenue Attribution and Reporting for B2B Enterprises

The marketing data you need to plan and budget for campaigns.channels.content.headcount.everything.

It takes months to build custom reports that give you the actionable data you need from Marketo and Salesforce. Insentric® does it in days, so you always have the answers your stakeholders need.
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      What is Insentric?
      Designed to work with Adobe Marketo Engage and Salesforce Sales Cloud, Insentric is a marketing intelligence platform that provides the marketing reports you need to measure performance and identify the activities that drive pipeline and revenue.

      Give stakeholders what they need

      Generate the reports your C-suite needs to understand and appreciate marketing's impact on demand generation and pipeline.


      Optimize at light speed

      Fine-tune your strategy with instant visibility into conversion, engagement, MQL, and closed-won customer data.


      Untangle attribution (for real!)

      Report on conversions, engagement, and revenue generated by specific sources, channels, or campaigns. How many leads did that webinar generate? Now you’ll know.

      How we help

      The reports you need to prove—and improve—marketing's impact

      Clear, credible reporting unlocks new insights, better results, more buy-in, and more budget. Insentric delivers the reports you need in days, not months, so you can measure, optimize, and prove marketing’s impact sooner.

      360° Customer Insights

      Insentric collects marketing and sales data across multiple platforms and touchpoints to create a holistic view of marketing initiatives.

      Effortless data capture

      Automate your attribution marketing data collection with effortless email tracking, streamlined data capture, and traffic decoding.

      Accurate sales attribution

      Don't miss attributing sales to key contributors. Insentric ensures proper Salesforce opportunity tracking by adding forgotten influencers.

      Low-Impact Roll-Out

      Insentric integrates with most standard Marketo workflows, requiring no resource-intensive retraining or process changes.

      Self-healing data

      Forgot to tag that PPC campaign or social post for attribution? Insentric recovers partial data from digital signals to provide credit.

      Actionable analytics

      Beyond attribution, our reports aid planning and budgeting by analyzing email, forms, customer journeys, trends over time, and more.

      lean on 15 Years of Marketing Attribution Wisdom

      From the OG Marketo experts

      Insentric is brought to you by DemandLab, the Martech experts who have helped high-growth and enterprise clients implement marketing automation and reporting solutions since 2009.

      We developed Insentric to give our clients the in-depth reporting capabilities they couldn’t get natively from their marketing automation platform.

      In-Depth: How Insentric Works →

      Learn more about our people-first methodology through automating your marketing processes, providing source, channel and revenue attribution, and generating new marketing insights.

      Insentric + DemandLab →

      Why would a marketing technology consultancy make a revenue attribution solution? After a decade of experience implementing attribution solutions, we think marketing leaders deserve better.

      Learn more.

      Ready to get started?

      Discuss your reporting challenges with one of our marketing experts to see whether Insentric can help.