About Us

About Insentric

Insentric is a revenue attribution platform developed for large enterprises and Fortune 2000 B2B marketers who need to measure and prove their impact on revenue. It measures source, channel, and revenue attribution across the entire buyer journey. Designed for enterprises that use Adobe Marketo Engage and Salesforce Sales Cloud, Insentric works continuously in the background of your existing technologies and workflows to automate, orchestrate, and generate meaningful insights through end-to-end marketing attribution data.

About DemandLab

We create marketing-led customer experiences for global B2B enterprises. Through connected platforms, mastered data, and reporting, we build marketing engines that support revenue growth, business insights, and customer engagement. By orchestrating and optimizing your most valuable marketing assets, we empower marketing leaders to re-envision the journey through the eyes of the customer, redefine the lifecycle, and transform your organization’s revenue potential.

Unlock your marketing's potential with Insentric.