Revenue Attribution

Break down barriers for reliable attribution

Overcome the Hurdles: Connect Marketing to Revenue with Insentric.

Aligning marketing with revenue can be challenging due to various hurdles like inertia, silos, and stacks. Insentric solves this by aligning the data in your marketing stack to build a robust underlying data architecture.

Trace the customer journey and establish a sightline from start to finish, while also breaking down silos between departments. It's not just about bringing technologies together; we understand that aligning people's behavior and data is essential for building a reliable attribution system.

People are the foundation of our attribution methodology.

To achieve a thriving revenue attribution model, your data system must collect and associate three critical data sets with each person your company interacts with, including both known and unknown leads and opportunities.

Insentric adopts a people-focused approach by tracking individuals and buying teams, unlike conventional methods that concentrate on accounts or opportunities.

See quick wins from your attribution platform

Get Up and Running Without Direct IT Involvement.

Sometimes, the biggest hurdles to attribution isn't your data—it's your company's processes and timelines. Insentric is built to address common adoption problems by being Marketo-first native by design. Get set up now while working with your teams to align on common business process and technical questions longer term.

Other attribution platforms promise insight after years; we provide data to inform your decisions within days.

Coming Soon: Smart Contact Roles

Find your buying team—and show how marketing has influenced key members.

Sales people are good at selling—not data entry. Insentric uses the same behaviors your sales team already does to suggest and figure out key buying team members on an opportunity. Definitively tie marketing campaigns to opportunity data for holistic, end-to-end revenue attribution.