Process Automation for Marketing Attribution

Automated Processes for Marketing attribution

Let Humans Do What They're Good At.
Let Automation Do the Rest.

Tackle marketing attribution's most common challenges with Insentric's automated solutions. Increase your campaigns' time to market and accurately track their performance.
Bring Order to Your Traffic Sources

See What Sources (Visible and Invisible!) Create New Leads

Up to 90 percent of traffic engaging with your campaigns can come from unexpected sources. That's why Insentric uses the same signals for understanding traffic as today's major analytics providers.

Our self-healing data fills the gaps between what traffic you're tracking—and what you're not—to show the actual paths your prospects and customers take.

Automatically tag links in marketo emails

UTM Management? Now It's One Less Thing to Manage.

When moving to data-informed insights, we know where marketing teams can run into issues. That's why Insentric addresses real-world pain points others don't, like tagging your Marketo email's URLs at scale automatically.

Coming Soon: Smart Contact Roles

Find your buying team—and show how marketing has influenced key members.

Sales people are good at selling—not data entry. Insentric uses the same behaviors your sales team already does to suggest and figure out key buying team members on an opportunity. Definitively tie marketing campaigns to opportunity data for holistic, end-to-end revenue attribution.