Marketing Insights

Maximize your marketing impact with our suite of reports and insights.

Marketers make their biggest impact when they're equipped with all the informtion they need to explain their department's performance and explore better campaign and budget usage. Insentric's suite of marketing reports and insights goes beyond "just marketing attribution" to help you and your team see what works—and what doesn't.
Get insight into timing and planning campaigns

Know the length of your marketing process.

If sales need to close by Q3, and the sales team knows it takes 90 days to convert someone, knowing how long marketing takes to convert a lead into a qualified prospect lets you plan your marketing calendar to ensure you meet sales targets by Q3—by knowing you need to start planning in Q1. This can also be analyzed over time to validate if the velocity you saw a year ago is relevant based on today's data.

Show What Affects Revenue Accountability

Know which marketing tactics ultimately lead to your sales.

Do you know which lead generation activities, sources, and channels actually result in qualified leads and sales? Don't waste time and money on ineffective strategies. While a lead gen webinar may bring in 200 names, it may not translate to actual sales.

At Insentric, we utilize data from fully closed-won customers and marketing qualified leads to determine the most effective lead gen and nurturing campaigns. With this information, you can strategically plan your Q1 campaigns to ensure you meet your Q3 sales goals.

Stop Prospect Loss with Big Data

Know what behaviors drive prospects away—and how to avoid them

Do you know the most effective cadence and sequence for your marketing efforts? Don't risk over- or under-communicating with your prospects, which can lead to losing them altogether.

At Insentric, we help you identify the optimal touchpoints required for conversion, whether it's through marketing or sales. Our data-driven approach enables you to understand which behaviors lead to unsubscribes and what minimum touchpoints are needed to turn prospects into loyal customers.

Report from the same places you're already reporting from today.

We get the importance of data visualization and reporting in making informed marketing decisions. That’s why we natively support multiple tools like Power BI, Tableau, and more, giving you the flexibility to choose the tool that works best for you.

Don’t have any of those tools? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Our user-friendly reports are designed for easy reading and comprehension, complete with automatic email alerts and updates to keep you in the loop.

We could tell you about it, or you could just try it.

We considered putting a bunch of lovely examples of Insentric’s reporting capabilities here, but sometime it makes more sense to show than tell. For example, here’s a live report showing when this organization should stop sending an email:

After six emails, a recipient is more likely to unsubscribe than MQL. 

Unlock your marketing's potential with Insentric.